Hormones: More than just PMS!

 Adrenal Fatigue: Part 2

I don’t think hormones get the attention and respect they deserve; they are kind of like the passive-aggressive (or sometimes very aggressive) logistic coordinators of the body. EVERYTHING is controlled by hormones, especially in adrenal fatigue.

Let’s break it down:

Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys like two little kidney hats. They are responsible for mediating stress responses and releasing specific hormones in charge of that.


Epinephrine and Norepinephrine – also known as adrenaline, these two hormones are your “fight or flight” directors. You know that feeling when you barely miss a dangerous situation, say rear-ending a car because you’re changing the radio? That dropping stomach, flushed face, shaky hands feeling? That is all because of an instant release and response to adrenaline!

            Side note – stress doesn’t have to be just an acute situation. Unfortunately, our lives are more about chronic stress than having to run away from a lion cave-man style. As I mentioned previously, we were built to deal with acute stressors followed by a period of long rest, not the constant stress we deal with in modern lives.

Cortisol – I’m sure everyone has heard those BS diet commercials talking about the connection between cortisol and belly fat, well, part of that is true but the rest of it is garbage (don’t take diet pills. Ever.). The adrenals release cortisol in response to, you guessed it, stress! 

            -tells the liver to release sugar in to the blood

            -raises blood sugar (so you can run away from that lion that is trying to kill you, not sit in traffic)

            -suppresses the immune systembelly-fat

These are just a few of the things cortisol does, but, clearly it is a very important hormone but not so good when it is being released all the time. Ever wonder why people seem to be running themselves ragged and then end up sick? Thank cortisol.


These few hormones are just the tip of the adrenal ice berg. Next post I’ll explain the brain connection to all of this…I promise I’ll get to how to fix it!  


Hormones: More than just PMS!

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