Can’t Sleep? Are you Tired and Wired?

Adrenal Fatigue: Part 1

We’ve all been there; you’re exhausted but can’t sleep. You stare at the ceiling and get legitimately mad at your dog/cat/partner for sleeping while you’re awake, hey if you’re up everyone should be up right? Just kidding. Sort of.

Unfortunately a lot of people head to their doctor and get a prescription sleep aid as a band-aid to their problem instead of investigating the actual cause.

Anyone ever heard of adrenal fatigue? Unless you’ve done some independent googling or spent some time in the holistic medical community you probably haven’t.

Our bodies are built to deal with acute, intense stressors for a short period of time followed by a long period of rest and recovery. So in real life, you head to CrossFit and do a 15 minute intense work out but then you chill out for the next 24 hours. When people are sleeping well, have a healthy gut, and minimal stress or effective stress coping techniques your body handles this great, it was built to!

However, if like most Americans, you are not sleeping enough, eating crap and experiencing long-term chronic stress you probably have some sort of adrenal fatigue. It’s that tired and wired feeling. You so desperately want to sleep but can’t. When you do finally sleep, morning comes way too fast and you can barely stumble out of bed in the morning. Oh yeah, and don’t talk to you until you’ve had your venti Starbucks. Sound like you?

In my next post I’ll breakdown the key hormone players and some things you can do to FEEL better, isn’t that what we all want anyways?

Can’t Sleep? Are you Tired and Wired?

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