Feeding Primal

Most of us think of our pets as family. I know I refer to Nola as my daughter most of the time…I know it’s a little ridiculous but that’s O.K.

Since she is my family I care deeply about what I feed her and how she is nourished.

My grandma has been really into feeding raw to her Bichon-Poo for a while so I purchased a book she recommended and was blown away at how it just makes SENSE to feed our pets the way they evolved. Just like how it makes SENSE for humans to eat the way we evolved to (Twinkies not included, RIP Hostess).

So, Nola will be eating a primarily raw diet including lots of raw meaty bones (RMBs), cooked organ meats, full fat dairy, veggies and eggs. Sounds an awful lot like a paleo diet huh?

So far I’ve been feeding her a mix of homemade food and kibble and she has been thriving! A trip the vet this past week was only confirmation that this new diet is working for us. Her previously flakey skin is now gone, her eyes are clear, she has a bunny hop in her step and she has put on a whole FIVE POUNDS! She still needs to gain at least 7-10 more but I’ll take 5 pounds in 2 weeks!


For Nola’s meals I usually put together the following:

-Whatever left over protein I have on hand and usually a small amount of chicken/beef liver I’ve sautéed in butter previously

-yogurt/cottage cheese

-1-2 eggs

-small scoop of kibble

-scoop of pureed veggies



Little Nola LOVES her homemade food, she was always a super picky eater but since I’ve been feeding her this way she gets incredibly excited for meals 

Feeding Primal

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