If you don’t like dogs, I don’t like you

If you don’t like dogs, I’m not sure I like you…

Sometimes things are just meant to be…at least that’s how I see this past week.

Since moving to southern Mississippi I’ve been tossing around the idea about getting a dog. I always grew up with dogs and find their unconditional love incredibly therapeutic.

Last weekend, I decided to check out the local shelter’s page of available dogs and ran across a picture of a Great Dane who looked like she needed tons of love. My cousin, Shannon and our friend, Emily, all hopped in the car and took a ride to check out “Cleopatra”. It was LOVE at first sight! As soon as I took her for a short walk around the shelter property I knew she was the right dog for me. She was shy but soon warmed up and was covering me with kisses and “hugs”. I signed the adoption papers that day.

The amazing staff at the shelter told me they were really getting concerned that she wasn’t going to find her forever home because she is so big, can easily jump a six-foot fence and is heartworm positive. Luckily, we have a 12-foot fence in the backyard, big, goofy dogs rock and I can afford to treat the heartworm. 

I got to pick up my new pupeen yesterday afternoon and it has been amazing how well she has integrated in to our pet crazy home. Our house has 4 girls, 3 dogs and 4 kitties…unbelievably; NoLa has blended in seamlessly besides the fact that she had never been around cats until yesterday.

Since I got her home yesterday, her demeanor has changed almost 100%. Less than 24 hours ago I brought home a terrified, skinny, horribly neglected (prior to the shelter taking her in) Great Dane and today, she is a smiling, tail wagging, PLAYING dog. It’s amazing how resilient animals are and how they give their love so freely, I hope she is feeling a sense of relief that she is in her forever home and will never again have to worry about being fed, loved or taken care of in only the best possible way.

I think I needed her just as much, if not more, than she needed me.

Now the real question….what am I going to feed my new Paleo Pup!? Sweet potatoes and liver for the nutrient-density-win!!!

If you don’t like dogs, I don’t like you

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