I’m a Yankee



I’m a Yankee

So, as a born and bred new Englander, moving down to southern Mississippi has been quite the culture shock. Half the time I feel like an idiot because I either have no idea what someone is saying or I just nod my head and pretend

Just for some context, I found this picture on peopleofwalmart.com and it was taken in my neighborhood HA!


Some things I’ve learned my first month as a southerner:

  1. When someone says they are “fixing to do…” It doesn’t mean they are actually going to fix something, it means they are getting ready to go or do something
  2. An apple is considered a vegetable in this part of the country.
  3. If it’s not fried, it’s not dinner.
  4. Overalls never did and never will go out of style.
  5. When a stranger talks to you they are usually genuinely being nice, not a creep like in NYC.
  6. “Bless your heart” doesn’t mean someone is saying a prayer over your actual heart, they just either pity you or want to talk trash (but it’s ok because they blessed your heart first).
  7. Greens do not dissolve even if they are cooked for a year, grey is the new green.
  8. If you can’t make your regular church service, don’t fret! There are at least 10 churches within walking distance to your home.
  9. Camo and rhinestones is a match made in heaven, even better if you have a matching purse and wallet.
  10.  Grits are on the $1 menu at McDonalds. Enough said. 

It is not my intent to offend anyone with my post, just my experience so far.

Hope Y’ALL have a great day!


I’m a Yankee

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