Pack Yo’ Lunch!


One of the best ways that I save a lot of cash and fuel myself with nourishing food is to pack my food every single day.

Here is how I put together my work food for a shift this week:



Lunch – chicken salad, sweet peas and roasted sweet potatoes


Proscuitto wrapped dates

Wholly guacamole single serve packs

Beef jerky

Cut up fresh veggies

Almond butter squeeze pack

Mini Kind bar

Jerky and coconut flakes


I never know how much time I am going to have to sit down to eat so I really try to focus on foods that are nutrient dense but easy to eat on the run.

Some of the ways I make it easier for myself to throw stuff together quickly is to:

  1. Prep big batches of food all on one day – throw a bunch of chicken boobs in the slow cooker, roast sweet potatoes and cut up veggies
  2. Even though it’s more expensive, I like to get the single serving packs of stuff like nut butter and guacamole – easy to squeeze and eat on the run and provide a healthy serving of fats to keep me/you satisfied
  3. Buy stuff on Amazon!
  4. Remember when your Mom told you to get yourself organized the night before? Well SHE WAS RIGHT! Yes, I am yelling at you!

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail!



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