….is hard! I know someone is playing a tiny violin somewhere for me….

I recently decided to make a huge life decision and move myself almost completely across the country to southern Mississippi for a fantastic job opportunity. As exciting as a new job and super mild winters were, I was completely terrified. My whole life I lived within two hours of my family and had never spent more than a few weeks apart from my boyfriend, this was going to be scary stuff!

Well, here I am, three weeks in to it and yeah it’s just as scary and difficult as I thought it would be and more. They say what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger and I am really holding on to that thought. I’m sure we can all look back at times that were hard for us and realize that not only are we better because of them but it shaped us in to the people we are today, easy times don’t make you but hard times sure do!

I was prepared for a culture shock but I was not prepared for how different the food and even grocery stores are down here! Sometimes it feels like a completely different country with all the new products I see.

Next time I head to the grocery store I’m going to make sure to get some shots of new-to-me foods…

 And just because everyone could use a laugh…




2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Mollie K says:

    so proud of you!! change is scary, but it makes us grow 🙂 id love to hear more about the weird food obviously!!! xoxo

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