Cheap, Fat and Almost Dead!!


One of the most common complaints I hear from people is “eating healthy is soooooo expensive.” Whenever I hear this steam comes out of my ears and they probably start bleeding from annoyance…yeah my apple costs a little more than your bag of Doritos but my apple also doesn’t come with yellow 5 lake or MSG.  Why is a food coloring called lake by the way? Scary.


It seems as though people lose sight of the future when they are making health decisions. It’s kind of like smoking cigarettes, it probably won’t affect you terribly immediately but you will most likely suffer serious complications sometime down the road. The same goes for our diets…the Doritos taste great now but what are they giving us nutritionally that are body’s can use to build cells and keep us healthy? Absolutely nothing. In fact, we are LESS healthy from eating them! Same goes for a lot of the other processed junk out there….if your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize the ingredients in something…DO NOT BUY IT!

We are spending more on health care than ever before so wouldn’t it make sense that we are healthier than ever?  Um NO. The obesity epidemic in this country is continuing to rise along with a host of other lifestyle driven chronic diseases…. unsurprisingly a lot of these health issues could’ve partially been prevented through simple diet changes.

I wanted to see where American’s are spending their grocery dollars and if the money being spent on food is contributing to the obesity/disease epidemic and sure enough it looks like it is….

Breakdown of Grocery Spending

In 1950 American’s spent 11.6% of their grocery dollars on sweets and treats, in 2012 that number has risen to 22.9%.  Also, we are spending less on meat, mostly because the industrialization of the meat, poultry etc. industry is making crappy quality products dirt-cheap. Just as an example, bacon in 1950 was $5.20/lb, on average and today it is $4.53/lb. Is it just me or aren’t prices supposed to go up? Ya know, because of inflation?

Price List in 2012 Dollars

If people would just put down the Twinkies and pick up a grass-fed steak their food dollars would be so much better spent and their health would benefit too. Especially since grocery prices are lower today than they were fifty-something years ago, there is no excuse not to buy the best products you can afford…outside of junk food.

Cheap, Fat and Almost Dead!!

2 thoughts on “Cheap, Fat and Almost Dead!!

  1. Joe Paduda says:

    A great post! Love the inflation charts and facts. Really well done.

    Please excuse typos, sent from my iPhone

    Joseph Paduda Health Strategy Associates, LLC 203-314-2632

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