True Life: Looking for a Job

So you’ve busted your butt for the past few years to earn a degree and now are on the elusive, exhausting, incredibly frustrating job hunt…I’m right with ya!

People have a common misconception that, as an RN, I should have no problem finding a job. I WISH THIS WERE TRUE SO BADLY!

Unfortunately, because of hospitals cutting costs and trying to get the most bang for their buck from their employees, a lot of companies/hospitals do not want to hire “baby” RN’s because although we have gone through intense schooling we still have so much to learn. What hospital would want to pay for that when they are trying to cut costs everywhere else? Don’t forget, a hospital is a business just like any other one out there; they are in it to make money.

In my currently unfruitful search for a job, I’ve done about a million things to try to find the right fit and am hoping that something turns out positively! Here are some of the things I’ve done to try to make it work (pun intended!)

  1. I’ve shadowed at a major local hospital to try to make some connections, it was a really positive experience except that they will hire me “once you get some experience.” That was exciting but where am I going to get some experience if no one will hire me!?!?
  2. I’ve reworked my resume a hundred times and trying to stay positive that maybe that one small thing I change will make me stand out.
  3. I googled “states that need nurses the most” and got the best and worst states to be a nurse, both equally important!
  4. I’ve applied to just about everything and anything even if the position states that you must have prior experience, you never know who else has applied and you just might be the best candidate even if you don’t precisely fit the requirements!
  5. Started applying to positions nationally instead of just my “home base” area. If I can’t find a job around here then I decided I’m going to me an adventure out of it! It’d be a double whammy of a fantastic growing/life experience and job experience so I will be much more marketable when I come back to the northeast.

At this point I’m just kind of playing a waiting game and networking as much as possible with friends, relatives and acquaintances that may have some leads on areas, departments or hospitals that hiring. It’s super competitive but someone will want me, I’m determined!

And just for something funny…Check this out

True Life: Looking for a Job

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