21 Day Sugar Detox – Road trip edition!

Sugar Detox – Road trip edition!

There’s an ongoing joke in my family that if we ever go anywhere I always bring my entire pantry with me, I am absolutely terrified of being out somewhere and being hungry! Especially having to eat gluten and dairy free you can NEVER depend of being able to get something to eat anywhere; rather be safe than running to the bathroom being sorry!

I can’t tell you how many times my Mary Poppin’s bag of snacks have saved me (and my family) from starving in a random airport or hotel room, yay for being prepared! This weekend my Dad was rowing in the Master’s National Championship so my brother and I had to take a little bit of a drive to get there and cheer him on.

Earlier in the day I stopped at my local health food store and stocked up on sugar-detox friendly snacks for the road, here’s my loot:


 Yes, that is BACON in the background….I actually find bacon is super shelf stable if it is cooked extra crispy, almost like crunchy jerky, probably would want to eat it in a day or so but honestly good luck if you find someone who can ration out bacon 🙂

The beef jerky had a bit of sugar in it but I decided to pick my battles and get it for the high quality protein since all my other snacks were carb-based, weigh the pros and cons, people!

21 Day Sugar Detox – Road trip edition!

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