21 Day Sugar Detox days 2+3

21 Day Sugar Detox days 2 + 3

All I can say is “HOLY SH*T”. I knew I wasn’t going to feel bright-eyed and bushy tailed but yesterday kicked my ass. I was exhausted before I even got out of bed in the morning and it was downhill from there..I had planned to get a track plyometric work out in but that wasn’t happening.

I actually ended up driving 20 miles out of my way on the highway before realizing that I had driving in the exact opposite direction of my intended destination (Marshalls whoop whoop!) I decided to call it a detox day and slowly crawled home irritated about the gas money I had wasted, but oh well!

Day 2 in food, I was RAVENOUS all day! I would just finish a meal and my stomach would be rumbling again..I think I ate 2 whole avocados and half a jar of olives along with about a dozen scoops of coconut butter….this was all in between meals. WTF? I guess it’s just a testament of how strongly sugar effects us, which is kind of terrifying to be honest.

I feel about a million times better today, appetite is more under control, and energy is way better. According to the detox it’s all uphill from here!

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21 Day Sugar Detox days 2+3

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